Why Does Black Men’s Hair Stop Growing? In Depth Guide

my hair stopped growing black male


My Hair Stopped Growing Black Male! Find Out Why

Being of the African American persuasion is truly one of the greatest things in the world. Not only is this a race that is backed with tons of pride, but it is a race that is backed with a history unlike anything else you could experience in the world.

That being said, being black isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. No, there are going to be hardships that you have to overcome.

And, one will be facial hair. Unfortunately, black males are more prone to problems when it comes to shaving and hairstyling.

Whether it be an abundance of razor bumps or tons of ingrown hairs, these are all things that black males have to face on a weekly basis.

Not only this, but there is even the potential that their hair could stop growing. That’s right, your hair could stop growing altogether.

Have you ever really wondered why this is the case? What makes black men’s hair stops growing before other races?


A Unique Look Into The Black Hair Culture

The first thing that you need to know is that as a black man your hair is different. This is probably something that you already noticed right away from a very early age.

Heck, you probably noticed this when you noticed that your skin was different. Well, just because you know that your hair looks different it doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand how the properties of the hair are different.

just compare the texture of your hair to the individual’s next to you. You will probably without a doubt notice that your hair is much oily, coarser, and all-around shorter. There are a few unique things that make your hair grow and appear in this manner.


Dirtier Hair

Unfortunately, one of the number one reasons that black males tend to stop growing hair is because their hair is dirtier. This is not to say that black males don’t shower or wash their hair as often.

This simply wouldn’t be the case at all because there are a number of black males out there that wash their hair once or twice daily.

This is just to say that black men’s hair contains unique properties that make it dirtier. It probably really has something to do with oil production.

Black men’s scalps just produce much more oil as compared to other races. The oil is not only bad for the hair, but it can cover the scalp and prevent hair growth altogether.

That being said, there is no need to set and fret over this because the situation is completely rectifiable. In fact, you can start with a good cleanse.

After this just make sure that you are washing the hair and scalp on a regular basis with the right kind of hair products.


Too Much Removal Of Moisture

All that being said, you have to be extremely careful when you are treating excess oil problems because if you aren’t, you might run into this situation.

Normally, black men would not be posed with the problem of a dehydrated scalp. And, this is because their hair is naturally oily. All those oils would keep the hair as well as the scalp well hydrated.

However, if you are trying to prevent hair stoppage then you are probably also undertaking methods and techniques to limit the amount of time that your hair and scalp are exposed to these oils. Unfortunately, this can eventually lead to the dry out of the scalp.

Don’t worry because this condition is reversible as well. You can either start introducing an oil product or two or you can simply keep a close eye on the number of oils that you are removing from the hair and scalp. Make sure that you are not leaving the hair completely dry.


Tight Hairstyles

Due to the unique profiles and properties of their hair, black men like to keep their hair in tight styles. There is nothing wrong with this and it looks great, but it certainly isn’t doing your scalp or hair any favors.

Hairstyles like dreadlocks and corn rolls require excess pressure and pulling on the scalp. While these hairstyles are completely stylish and offer a one of a kind look, they simply aren’t easy on the hair and head.

Opting for these hairstyles over long periods of time can cause permanent hair loss. In fact, there is a technical term for this cause and it is known as traction alopecia.

This is a condition that you will see all too well around the temples and ears. Wearing your hair in these styles causes breakages and pulling of the hair, which will eventually lead to non-growth.

The best way to battle this condition is by either giving your hair a break time from time or simply opting for a different hairstyle altogether

Whatever the situation is, you need to know that hair loss is completely avoidable, even if you prefer these tighter hairstyles.


Too Much Heat

If you are a black man then you simply do not need anyone telling you that your hair is naturally curly. This is something that you have been battling your whole life and will continue to battle until you go to your grave

being said, one of the ways that most men opt to battle this condition is by using heat products and treatments. What better way to straighten the hair than to apply heat and straighten it, right?

This might seem great on paper, but it can be disastrous for the hair. Too heat exposure over time will not only weaken the hair follicles, but it will stimulate them to the point where they can no longer produce.

This is something that you want to avoid at all costs, and you can when you opt for fewer heat treatments.


Excessive Styling

If there is one thing that can be said about black males it is that they are stylish. They simply like to wear the best clothes and support the latest trends.

There is nothing wrong with this. However, following trends and trying to be stylish can be a problem when it comes to hair.

Not only do styles constantly change, but your hair is something that you have to do every day. It’s not like laying out an outfit and being done with it. No, if you want your hair to be stylish, you are going to have to wake up early every day and style it.

In addition to this, weaves and extensions are extremely common for black males. Black men are always adding weaves and extensions to their hair

Once again, there is nothing wrong with this, and it will make you look stylish, but it isn’t doing the health of your hair any favors.

In fact, you are just hurting your hair when you undergo these kinds of procedures. Weaves and extensions without a doubt open the door for tons of stylish options, but they need to be removed at least every six to eight weeks for a week at a time.

This will give the hair, scalp, and follicles time to recover from the exposure that it was just faced with.


Too Many Split Ends

Everyone will get a split end from time to time. There is simply no avoiding this, as it is just a natural part of hair care.

However, it is how you deal with these split ends that make all the difference in the world. Most black men don’t know that you can simply clip a split hair and force it to grow back in its natural position. This is one of the best past to combat this condition.

Make sure that you are not only keeping your hair neat but make sure that the ends aren’t split. You can perform a routine check every 6 to 8 weeks.

And, when you do find a split hair or two all you have to do is simply clip it up about half an inch from where the split end starts. This will ensure that the hair grows back in the proper position that it should.



At the end of the day, you could probably sit and list tons and tons of factors that could cause hair loss, but the most important thing is to know how to battle these conditions.

It is true that these are the most common reasons for hair loss in black males, but it doesn’t mean that other races can’t be plagued with similar issues.

In fact, they are on a daily basis, and such can be prevented by undergoing the same techniques and precautions.

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