Best Professional Hair Clippers 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Professional Hair Clippers For Fades

Best Professional Hair Clippers For Fades – Everything You Should Know 

Are you interested in getting a fade haircut? If the answer is yes, you’ll have two options at your disposal. For starters, you can pay more and get assistance from a professional barber.

If you want to save yourself a little bit of money, you may want to consider buying the best hair clippers for fades. With these clippers, you’ll be able to get a good fade or you can give your clients a fade.

Either way, you need to understand that not all hair clippers are good for fades.

First up are our best picks for hair clippers in 2020 to do a professional-like fade.

Down below, you’re going to find what to look for and tips when choosing a hair clipper for your unique needs.

The 8 Best Professional Hair Clippers For Fades

1. Wahl Professional Magic Clip Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Magic Clip

The Wahl Professional Magic Clip Hair Clipper is designed to deliver nothing but perfection. The clipper is embedded with state-of-the-art technology and premium-grade components that work together to deliver perfectly even hair.

In addition to this, the clipper comes with everything needed to start putting it to use right out of the box. Whether you are a professional hairstylist, barber, or parent, this hair clipper will serve your needs.

Lightweight Design

As mentioned above, the weight of a hair clipper will determine its usability. Heavier models are known to cause discomfort, especially during extended use, which will never be an issue with the Magic Clip Hair Clipper.

Weighing in at only 10 ounces, you will be able to trim your and every family member’s hair without experiencing any discomfort. The lightweight design also makes this the ideal hair clipper for barbers and hairstylists.

Durable Guide Combs

The Magic Clip Hair Clipper comes with eight guide combs, ranging from 1/8-inch and 1-inch. Once the guide combs are attached to the blade, they will remain there until you are ready to detach them.

Zero-Overlap Blades

The innovative zero-overlap blades allow for ease-of-use and great speed. The blades ensure better overall performance as compared to some other clipper blades.


  • Includes eight guide combs
  • Lightweight design (10 ounces)
  • Operates cordless and corded
  • Battery life is approximately 1-1/2 hours
  • Only 6-1/4-inch in length


  • Slightly expensive
  • Handle needs to be more ergonomic

Overall Assessment

The Wahl Magic Clip Hair Clipper is ideal for home and professional settings. While the battery life is a little limited, the clipper will run when plugged into a 110-volt outlet.

The shorter length ensures better control, especially when fading and blending. The lightweight design makes this the ideal clipper for women with small hands.

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2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Legend Clipper #8147

best professional hair clippers for fades

The 5-Star Legend is without a doubt the ultimate wide-range fading clipper that comes along with all the essential features and more.

First, just look at the powerful V9000 motor. This motor is specifically designed to fun cooler and faster as compared to the standard clippers.

This in combination with the crunch blade technology and you can rest assured that you are going to get a smooth clean cut every time.

Handy Thumb Lever

The 5-Star Legend also comes equipped with a handy thumb lever. Located right on the side of the body you will find a thumb lever that can quickly and easily be adjusted with the thumb.

This is perfect for fading and really allows you to customize the hair cutting experience.

Includes Essential Accessories

When you invest in the 5-Star Legend you don’t just get the clippers alone. No, you basically get everything that you need to get started cutting hair.

The whole package comes along with an instruction booklet, red comb guard, eight attachment combs, oil, and a cleaning brush.


  • Includes all the essential accessories
  • Power V9000 motor
  • Adjustable thumb lever
  • Crunch blade technology
  • Extremely lightweight (One-pound)


  • Only operates off 120 volts AC

Overall Assessment

It should be pretty evident as to why more and more professionals are going with the Wahl name. Just look at everything the 5-Star Legend has to offer.

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3. Andis Master Adjustable Hair Clipper  Silver (01557)

Andis Master Adjustable Hair Clipper

Andis is a pretty reputable brand when it comes to hair clippers. Do you want to guarantee that you’re going to get your money’s worth? Are you willing to spend a little bit more?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you’ll want to spend a few minutes checking out the Andis Master Adjustable Hair Clipper.

It is a little more expensive than many others, but this is a professional clipper and it’ll prove to be well worth the investment. More details about this clipper will be provided below.

Tough Housing

Professionals need a durable clipper that won’t break easily. This is where the Andis knocks it out of the park. You can drop this clipper time and time again without any worries.

The aluminum housing is very tough and will be able to withstand pretty much any and everything you throw its way.

Quiet Motor

This clipper is equipped with a very powerful motor. Despite its immense power, you’ll be happy to know that this motor runs very quietly.

At the same time, it will remain cool from start to finish. If you want to make sure that your client gets a good haircut without any discomfort, this the clipper that you want to add to your toolbox.


  • Very tough housing
  • The motor is very quiet
  • The powerful motor will not get hot
  • Comfortable to use
  • The power cord is sufficiently long
  • Won’t tug on the hair
  • Great for fades


  • Doesn’t include comb, shears or hair guards

Overall Assessment

All in all, this clipper is great. However, it doesn’t include a lot of necessary accessories. With that being said, you might end up spending more than you really want to.

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4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8451 

good clippers for fading

The Magic Clip is another professional Wahl clipper that is impressive in its own right. This corded clipper comes equipped with a powerful V9000 motor that offers fifty percent more power as compared to standard- grade clippers.

The V9000 will give you the power and performance that you need to get a super quick, snag-free cut every time.

Convenient Thumb Lever

Another handy and essential feature that cannot be overlooked is the variable thumb lever. Located right on the side of the clipper, you will find a variable thumb lever that allows you to adjust the texture without changing blades.

This is an extremely important feature when it comes to fading. It makes adjusting convenient and easier than ever.

Lightweight Design

The Magic Clip only weighs in at one-pound, which makes it extremely light for the kind of power that it is capable of producing.

The lightweight design in combination with the ergonomics ensures that you can use this clipper all day without tiring out your hands.

In addition to this, this lightweight design makes maneuvering around the head easier than you could imagine.


  • Lightweight design
  • Powerful V9000 motor
  • Convenient thumb lever
  • Includes a number of accessories


  • Only intended for US use. Only operates on 120 volts AC

Overall Assessment

If you are looking for a powerful set of clippers that has all the essential features for fading, look no further than the Magic Clip.

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5. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro #79602

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

There are many excellent clippers out there. If you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, you’ll definitely want to check out the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro.

There is a great deal to like about this clipper. The guide combs are great and the stainless steel clips are even better. This is really one of the very best hair clippers for individuals who wish to get the perfect fade.

Despite the amazing build and performance that you’ll receive, this clipper won’t break the bank. Additional details will be provided below for your consideration.


Professionals need clippers that they can depend on. This is why you’ll want to invest in the Wahl. This clipper is equipped with self-sharpening blades and that makes it a great investment for the money.

With this clipper, you won’t have to worry about taking the blade off and sharpening it too much. The blades will remain sharp much longer than what you might get with lesser alternatives.

Secure Fit

You should also know that this clipper comes with a stainless steel clip guide combs. They ensure a secure fit each and every time. When you’re cutting your client’s hair, you’ll want to make sure that the combs do not slide off. With this clipper, they will not!

Powerful Motor

It is also great that this unit is equipped with a powerful motor. You can guarantee that you’re never going to pull and yank on your client’s hair. They’ll appreciate how gentle these clipper cuts and it’ll make your business more lucrative.


  • Great price
  • Surprisingly powerful motor
  • Guide combs won’t move around
  • Made in the United States
  • The motor can deliver a lifetime of performance
  • The power cord is sufficiently long


  • Not great for close cuts

Overall Assessment

The Wahl Elite Clipper is great. It works exceptionally well and won’t empty your wallet.

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6. Oster Fast Feed Hair Clipper #76023-510

Oster Fast Feed

Professional hairstylists and barbers work on a tight schedule. In fact, they can spend more than six hours at a time cutting their customers’ hairs without taking a break.

To ensure the highest performance possible, they rely on their grooming tools, especially their clippers. Well, one thing is for sure if they have the Oster Fast Feed Hair Clipper at their disposal, they will never need to worry about poor productivity.

Great For All Hair Types

When it comes down to it, the Oster Fast Feed Hair Clipper is one of the most versatile on the planet. It is capable of cutting through all types of hair. For instance, it can easily cut through long and short hair.

At the same time, it can cut through hair that is wet or dry. There is literally nothing that cannot be achieved with this amazing hair clipper.4

Guide Combs

You’ll be happy to know that this clipper comes with four guide combs. You can take advantage of these combs to ensure that you’re able to get the precise results that you’re after.

Whether you’re trying to cut a medium or low fade, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to do so with this clipper.


It is also great that this clipper comes with plenty of accessories. For instance, you’ll receive lubricating oil and a cleaning brush. You’ll also find a blade guard in the package. This combination ensures that you won’t have to worry about purchasing anything else in the near future.


  • Great cord length
  • Comes with 4 guide combs
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Very powerful
  • The steel blade is adjustable
  • Cuts through various types of hair


  • Cord restricts the user

Overall Assessment

The Oster Fast Feed Clipper is great, but not perfect. It is true that the cord can be a real hassle. If you’re a pro, you’ll definitely want to check out this clipper for yourself.

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7. Wahl Professional Super Taper Clipper #8470-500

best clippers to fade hair

The Wahl Professional Super Taper II is the ideal hair clipper for professionals, parents, students and anyone who desires perfectly-styled hair.

The clipper comes with everything needed to start utilizing it right out of the box. With eight guide combs that range from 1/8-inch and 1-inch, you will not have any issues achieving the perfect length every time.

Lightweight Design

Weighing in at only 16 ounces, the clipper will not cause you to experience any discomfort during use. Even if you are working in a busy setting, you will not suffer from hand or wrist pain, when utilizing the Super Taper II.

In fact, you will be able to trim, taper, and blend all of your customers’ hair without feeling any discomfort.

Ergonomic Handle

Another factor that will not only determine the comfort level of a clipper but also the level of usability is the handle design. Today, manufacturers, such as Wahl, install their hair clippers with an ergonomically designed handle to ensure full control and comfort.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The Super Taper II is no ordinary hair clipper. In fact, its silver and black handle, with brand logo and model name, is very aesthetically pleasing. The clipper will stick out above any of its competitors, thanks to its sleek design.


  • Lightweight design (16 ounces)
  • Shorter length (6-1/4 inches)
  • Includes eight guide combs
  • Comes with a red blade guard
  • Ergonomic handle
  • V5000 electromagnetic powerful motor


  • The electric cable needs to be longer
  • Some of the body is made of plastic

Overall Assessment

The Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper will deliver perfection every time. The included guide guides are very durable so you will not have any issues keeping them attached to the blade. The electric cable is slightly short, but it is heavy-duty.

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8. Wahl Professional 5-Star Senior Clipper #8545

best clippers for fades

The 5-Star Series Senior Clipper is a professionally designed clipper that was intended for professional use. It has all the essential features that the professionals need for performance and reliability.

However, that doesn’t mean that the 5-Star Series Senior Clipper isn’t perfect for in-home use because it certainly is.

Anyone looking to cut their own hair or give themselves a fade could greatly benefit from this professional clipper.

Adjustable Blades

The 5-Star Series Senior Clipper comes equipped with adjustable blades with zero-overlap capabilities. This makes traditional scalp tapering and fading easier than ever. With the ability to taper you can create precision fades that will shine.

Durable Aluminum Body

The 5-Star Series Senior Clipper not only comes equipped with adjustable blades, but the aluminum durable body ensures durability and longevity. This clipper can take more punishment than most clippers out there.

With the aluminum body, you can rest assured that the clipper will be safe from traditional wear and tear.

Includes A Variety Of Accessories

When you invest in this set of clippers you aren’t just getting the clipper. No, you are pretty much-getting everything that you need to get started cutting right away.

Your purchase of the 5-Star Series Senior Clipper will come along with three cutting guides (1/16†– 3/16â€), oil, cleaning brush, styling comb, instruction booklet, and comb guard.


  • Includes a variety of accessories
  • Extremely durable aluminum body
  • Adjustable blades are perfect for precision fading
  • Wahl is a name that can be trusted
  • Lightweight


  • Zero-gap means that the moving blade and stationary blade are flush with each other, which gives you a close cut but makes it easier to cut the skin.

Overall Assessment

The 5-Star Series Senior Clipper includes all the essential features and accessories that you need to get that perfect fade.

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Why Buy?

First and foremost, you should consider why you would want to buy professional hair clippers for fades. Well, this happens to be one of the most popular hairstyles on the planet.

In fact, it has gotten even more popular during the past few years. It is nearly impossible to find a man who doesn’t want some type of fade. At the same time, you should realize that these are professional hair clippers.

This makes them suitable for pretty much anyone and everyone. They’re great for professionals and barber enthusiasts. They’re even good for people who just want to cut their hair quickly and easily.

On top of that, this type of clipper is going to provide you with greater convenience and it’ll save you money in the long run.

Why Go Professional?

Why would anyone be interested in buying a professional pair of clippers? Well, the reasons for doing so are immense.

First and foremost, a professional pair of clippers is going to provide you with far greater freedom. You’ll be able to use these clippers for pretty much any purpose.

You can use the clipper to cut your own hair. You can also use them for professional purposes.

If you’re want to be a professional barber, you’ll definitely need a pair of professional hair clippers.

Professional clippers are going to deliver a better performance than the alternatives.

If you want to ensure that you’re going to be able to get a stylish haircut without yanking on your hair, you’ll definitely want to go with a professional model.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Professional Hair Clippers For Fades

When it comes down to it, there are tons of great clippers out there and you could easily find one for your unique needs. However, you’re going to need to put in a little effort to ensure that you get the right ones for your unique needs.

Below, you’re going to find factors that must be considered when attempting to choose the right model for you.


You should consider how much you’re willing to spend on clippers. The truth of the matter is that many clippers are expensive.

Thankfully, there are tons of good ones that won’t break the bank. So, how much should you spend? Well, you should not feel obligated to splurge. Again, there are some good clippers out there that won’t break the bank.

However, you’re looking for the best professional hair clippers for fades. Since you’re looking for professional clippers, you’ll probably want to spend a little more. After all, you want a professional tool that is going to deliver big results.


To make sure that your fade is perfect, you need a clipper that can provide you with various lengths. After all, fades are all about various lengths and it is possible to create several different varieties of fades.

With that being said, you need to choose a clipper that is going to provide you with tons of length adjustments. Whether you’re using guide combs or the blades adjust, you need to make sure that you can get the lengths that you need. Otherwise, you won’t be able to satisfy each and every one of your customers.

Motor Strength

If you’re going to be using your clippers professionally, you need to make sure that you have a good, strong motor. After all, you do not want to cause your client any paint whatsoever.

If you have a weak motor, you can almost guarantee that the clipper will not be able to cut smoothly. Instead, it might tug and pull on the hair.

To prevent this from happening, you need a very strong motor. In fact, you should spend a little extra to ensure that you get what you need.


As a professional barber, you’re going to be cutting hair pretty much every single day. With that being said, you need to make sure that your clipper is very comfortable.

If it is not, you might start reconsidering your profession. You need a pair that is going to keep you comfortable from start to finish. Otherwise, you will probably end up regretting your investment.

Make sure that the clipper is lightweight and ergonomic. This will guarantee that it remains comfortable in your hands from start to finish.

Self-Sharpening Blades

As a barber, you cannot waste time sharpening your blades. This is definitely the case when you have a client waiting.

With that being said, you need to make sure that your blades are going to last for as long as possible. This is why you’ll want to buy self-sharpening blades.

This will make your job so much easier in the long run. With self-sharpening blades, you’ll won’t have to worry about sharpening your blades too often.

This might increase the price a bit, but it’ll prove to be well worth it! Do yourself a favor and buy self-sharpening blades.


There are three types of professional clippers. You can choose from cordless hair clippers and corded hair clippers. Then, there are models that can be used either way. There is no doubt that there are benefits associated with either type.

With that being said, you’ll need to do your research until you’re able to find out which one is going to work best for you. As a professional, you’ll probably want to stick with a corded model.

This will ensure that you do not have to worry too much about the battery and keeping it charged. However, there are still some perks of buying a cordless model.

After all, this will give you the ability to move around your client without worrying about the cord. Do not rush forward here.

Make sure that you consider all of your options. If you’re left undecided, you should definitely stick with a model that can be used with and without the cord.


You’re going to be using your clipper for professional purposes. That means that you need a clipper that is going to last a lifetime. There is a good chance that you’re going to drop the clipper at some point or another.

You need a clipper that is not going to shatter into a million pieces the moment it is dropped. You need a tough shell to ensure that the clipper can take a lot of abuse.

Read reviews to ensure that the clipper can withstand a lot of abuse. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself buying a new one pretty dang soon.


Finally, you’ll want to take the time to consider the clipper’s warranty. You just never know when something is going to go wrong. After all, clippers have a lot of moving parts. With that being said, you need to be cautious and make sure that your investment is protected.

The company should be willing to rectify problems when they occur. If the unit is still under warranty, the company should be happy to fix the problem.


One of the biggest factors that can impact the usability of a hair clipper is the weight. It is a fact that some models have so many features that render them slightly heavier than models with limited features.

If you are planning on utilizing the clipper for professional purposes, it is highly likely that you do not want it to be extremely heavy.

The more the clipper weighs, the higher the risk for discomfort. Contrary to belief, a clipper does not need to be heavy to be high-quality. In fact, many of the top brands weigh less than 16 ounces, making them more suitable for professionals.

Attachment Comb Guides

It is difficult to find a clipper that comes with less than six attachment comb guides. These guides attach directly to the blade, so you can trim your hair at a specified length.

For example, a one-inch guide will allow you to trim your hair to that exact length, nothing more or nothing less. Before the invention of comb guides, it was almost impossible to cut hair all at the same length.

Just make sure the clipper comes with a variety of comb cutting guides, especially one that suits your needs and preferences.

Another factor to consider is the durability of these guides. Lack of durability will reduce the life of the guide while making it extremely difficult to keep it attached to the blade.


Truly, there are many best clippers for fades out there. Do your research and choose one of the ones mentioned above. Do that and you’ll be satisfied with your investment.

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