Beginners Guide to Electric Razors or Shavers

Beginners Guide to Electric Razors or Shavers

Man shaving chin with rotary shaver- Beginners Guide to Buying Electric Razor or Shaver

As a man, it can be difficult to pinpoint new ways to maintain and enhance your appearance. Incorporating an electric shave into your routine might be the next step if you want to look sharp on a daily basis. Electric razors can save time, protect your skin, and help you shape your facial hair even more precisely.

If you’re a beginner in this arena, that’s okay, we’ve outlined some information for you to start using an electric shaver with confidence.

What Are Electric Shavers?

What are electric shavers used for?

Electric shavers can be used to shave all different parts of the body. Most commonly, electric shavers are used to shave the face but they can also be used to manscape a wide array of other areas as well, it all just depends on your preference. Electric shavers come in all types of specialized forms ranging from hair clippers to face trimmers, nose/ear trimmers, and body trimmers. There are also electric shavers that are wireless or have a power cord attached.

Electric shavers can make life easier for you because they take away the need for replacement cartridges and razor replacements. They also can benefit sensitive skin, making knicks and razor bumps less likely. Some electric razors also take away the need to use shaving cream. Overall, when using an electric shaver, you’re reducing your need to buy a number of different products and combining it into one, versatile and useful item.

What are electric shavers NOT used for?

Electric shavers aren’t the best option for someone looking to get an extremely close shave. Sometimes, electric shavers will require you to go over the same area a few times to really eliminate all of the hair. If you’re looking for an extremely precise shave, achieving that with an electric shaver might be difficult.

How do they work?

When it comes to the actual technology behind an electric razor, they can be broken down into two main categories: rotary and foil.

Most electric razors have a foil layer. The foil section of a razor is an extremely thin metal layer that covers the blade and contains holes or slits. These holes are able to trap the hair making a smooth, close shave easy to achieve.  We reviewed some foil razors.

The next most common electric shaver design that you might see is the rotary design. Rotary electric shavers have revolving heads that are placed in a triangular shape. These rotating heads are able to closely follow the contours of your face. The rotary design makes it easy to shave along more problematic or difficult to shave areas.

What’s important?

When buying an electric razor, there are some important things to take into consideration such as motor size, cord or no cord, whether the razor is waterproof, the weight, blade, and so much more. Below, we’ve outlined a couple of important factors to take into consideration when buying your first electric shaver.

Motor size

The motor size and speed are important factors to take into consideration when buying an electric razor. Ultimately, a strong motor will work the best and provide you with a close and precise shave. Some razors offer different motor speed settings to help you tailor your shave to your specific needs. Any razor that offers fast motor speeds will help you get a close and accurate shave in a quick and efficient manner.

 Cord or no cord?

Some electric shavers have a cord that plugs into the wall and some are cordless. Consider where you will be using the razor and whether or not a cord is okay or if it will just make things more difficult for you. If you have a small bathroom with plenty of outlets nearby, a cordless razor might not be necessary.

Often, cordless razors come with a dock that plugs into the wall where you can place it when not in use and it will charge there as well.   Cordless or battery operated electric razors are great for travelling. One downside to a cordless razor though is that you could always forget to charge it or get flat batteries.

An electric razor with an attached power cord will always be ready to use as long as you have a power outlet nearby.

Waterproof or not

Yes, some electric razors are waterproof while some are not.  Do you plan to shave while in the shower? If so, it would be important to make sure that your razor is waterproof. Its worth considering whether this is a feature that you will require from your electric razor.  Dont spend the extra if it isn’t really important to you.

Beginner’s Guide to Shaving with Electric Shavers

Here are some simple steps to getting started with shaving with an electric razor.

 1. Find the right razor for you

Making sure to use the right razor for your hair type and skin type is important. Do your research first and pick a razor that works best for you.  We have reviewed various razors

 2. Shaving cream or no shaving cream?

Using water or shaving cream can make using an electric shaver more comfortable for you and protect your skin from damage.

 3. Use a pre-shave lotion

A pre-shave lotion is another great way to protect your skin and ensure a close, precise shave.

 4. Fully charge your razor

Make sure your electric shaver is fully charged every day can help ensure the best shave. Sometimes if the battery is low, the motor might not operate at peak performance level resulting in poor cutting action.  It could cause some painful tugs or caught hairs.

 5. Be patient. Practice!

Have some patience when shaving with your electric razor, if you try to rush you’re likely to miss areas and might even knick the skin.  Remember practice makes perfect and each time you’ll get a little better and a little faster.


Shaving with an electric razor doesn’t have to be difficult.

By doing some research and choosing the right razor for you, you can make your shaving routine even easier than it was before.

Taking the right steps to protect your skin with a good shaving cream and pre-shave lotion will also help you get a close, precise shave. Don’t skimp on your shaving practices! Adding a little enhancement like an electric razor could make all the difference in your daily manscaping routines.

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