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Grooming Tips Comprehensive Guide

You do not need to be a professional hair groomer to achieve the perfect shave and baby smooth skin. All that is needed to achieve this is a great set of grooming tools, patience and time.

To help in your effort to improve your hair grooming skills, a list of tips is provided below. These tips will not only ensure the perfect haircut, but also a higher level of confidence and self-assurance.


Tip #1: Invest In A High-Quality Grooming Kit


grooming kits


Whether you are a perfectionist or just a man that likes to look all the time, you will need to own a grooming kit. While there is a broad array of grooming kits on the market, some brands just cannot cut it.

There are several factors to take into consideration when investing in a new grooming kit. These factors include self-sharpening blades, warranty, ergonomics, operational efficiency, affordability, durability, and easy maintenance.

Your grooming kit should include a hair clipper, beard trimmer, nose trimmer, cape, scissors, oil, cleaning tool, and storage pouch. You will have the option of investing in electric and battery-powered models.

Both of these great models, but the battery-powered shaver will offer much more convenience and flexibility.


Know The Right Grooming Products

If you have been in the hair and grooming aisle lately you probably know that men now just have as many options as women. Needless to say, this only makes your quest to find the right products more confusing and difficult than ever before.

While there is no universal solution for every man out there, finding and sticking with the right ones can work wonders for you and your appearance.

If you like the messy hairstyles and have thicker hair you might want to stick to waxes and pomades. However, if you have thinner hair you probably want to stick with the lighter products and sprays that will provide your hair with sticking and staying power.


Tip #2: Always Trim Your Nose Hairs

Trim Your Nose Hairs


Many men fail to realize that their nose hairs can have a negative effect on their appearance. The first thing most people notice when they look at you is your face. So, if hairs are hanging out of your nose, others will immediately notice it.

It is a fact that out-of-control nose hairs will always be the focal point of your face.

Contrary to belief, it is extremely easy to trim the nose hairs. All you need is a high-quality nose hair clipper, which will average around $10.

Just by keeping your nose hair trimmed, people will be able to focus on your good points when they meet you for the first or one-hundredth time.


Tip #3: Always Trim Your Ear Hairs


Trim Your Ear Hairs


Have you ever seen someone with hairy ear lobes? If so, you probably thought the sight was very unappealing. Well, that is because hair ear lobes are very unappealing.

You could spend hours perfecting your hair, moustache, sideburns, and beard, but leave your ears untouched you will do your appearance no justice. A standard electric shaver can be utilized to trim the ear hairs.

If you have difficulty reaching them, do not be afraid to ask for assistance. Your partner or a family member will gladly assist you with this very simple task.


Tip #4: Always Trim Your Eye Brows


Trim Your Eyebrows


Bushy eyebrows are very distracting. If you do not want to become known as the bushman, you will need to keep your eyebrows trimmed.

This is a simple process that only requires an electric shaver or trimmer, which average around $15 to $40 for the name brand.

If you have difficulty getting your eyebrows even, you can always have them professionally cleaned. During your visits to the salon or barbershop, you can watch the groomer do his/her best work.

If you ask nicely, they may even be willing to provide you with a few tips.

Once your eyebrows are trimmed for the week, you should continue daily grooming. This is a simple process that only requires an eyebrow comb. Brush upwards and over to the side at least once a day.


Tip #5: Always Shave Your Neck


Shave Your Neck


You could spend $100 on a haircut and still not achieve the perfect look if your neck hair is left untouched. Believe it or not, a hair neck is extremely unappealing.

Some people may see your hair neck and think that you forgot to groom before you exited your home. A high-quality electric trimmer or shaver can be utilized to remove all of the hair off of your neck.

Most men do not shave the back of their neck unless they get a haircut. While this works sometimes, men who have fast-growing hair will need to touch up their necks more often.

Just make it a habit to shave the back of your neck when you trim your beard or shave your face.


Tip #6: Always Trim Your Beard


Trim Your Beard


An unkempt beard is just a disaster waiting to happen. Not only will the hair get into your food, but also it will give the impression that you do not care about your appearance.

Regardless of your normal beard style, you will need to maintain it. To ensure the perfectly groomed beard, you will need a high-quality electric beard trimmer. These grooming tools average around $20 for the name brand, which is doable for most men.

When trimming your beard, be sure to focus on the hair along your jawline. It is highly recommended to remove all of the hair in this area. However, if you do feel the need to keep it, be sure to keep it trimmed and neat.


Become A Regular Face At Your Barbers

Do you want to be one of those men that don’t cut his hair until he notices that it needs cuts? Well, if you notice that your hair needs cut there is a good chance that others do as well.

This is not only lazy, but it makes you look unkempt and unprofessional. You want to be a proactive person and find a regular barber that you can trust with your life.

When you find this individual stick with them and get to know them on a one-on-one level. Even if you find yourself here one to two times a week, the process doesn’t cost that much and it only takes about 15 minutes to get a good trim and shave.

Whatever the situation is, this will not only make you look better, but it will make you feel better about yourself as well.


Choose Your Scent Wisely

Have you ever been around one of those men who wear aftershave that stops you right in your tracks? There is usually one or two in every workplace and you do not want to be this guy.

Aftershave is not supposed to have this kind of effect. It should only produce a subtle scent that enhances your overall smell.

Instead of just splashing on the bottle after bottle in the morning, you should focus on finding that one special scent that you like.

There is also nothing wrong with having access to two or three different scents, just don’t apply them all at the same time. A lot of men prefer woody and spicy herb smells in the winter and citrusy scent in the summer.

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