Why Should Men Shave Their Body?

Why Should Men Shave their Body

It is true that men are hairy creatures. While some are hairier than others, every man will have unwanted hair on many places of his body.

Many individuals will have you believe that eliminating this hair is very difficult and painful. This might have been the case at one time, but this isn’t so much true anymore.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and a new line of products available on the market, men now have a variety of options when it comes to eliminating this unwanted body hair.

That being said, some men don’t feel like they should put in the time or effort to eliminate this hair, because they are perfectly fine with it. Well, you might be surprised to learn that there are truly a variety of different reasons that you should consider shaving those hairy patches, but what are these reasons?

Neater And More Presentable

It is true that you probably don’t walk into the office shirtless every day, so most of your co-workers or workmates aren’t going to even notice your body hair.

However, when most men are lounging around the home or working out in the yard on a summer day they like to do so with their shirts off. Maybe you even like wearing a sleeveless shirt around to show off your physique.

Whatever the situation is, if you are utterly hairy this is going to make you look unkempt.

Not to mention the first impression that it will give off to your attractive next-door neighbor. She will probably think that you don’t care about your image or taking care of yourself.

Eliminating that unwanted body hair will just give you an all-around neater and more presentable look.

No Longer Considered Attractive

It is without a doubt true that body hair was fairly attractive at one time. In fact, if you look past to some of the past male models, you will see them with their unbuttoned shirts, showing off their chest hair. Well, that was in the past and those days are long gone.

Women don’t consider it attractive or cool any longer. Most men stray from shaving their body hair because they feel that it will make them feel or look like less of a man. That is no longer the case and you can ask any woman and she will tell you the same thing.

Builds Confidence

A well-groomed man will not only look better, but he will also feel better. As a man, you always need your confidence and probably want to feel your best at all times.

Well, you might be surprised to learn that shaving off that body hair might be just the thing you needed to accomplish this.

Even if you aren’t having the best of hair days or your clothes are mismatched, a good clean shaved body will still make you feel like a different man.

Regardless, of your hairstyle or attire at least you won’t have to worry about that fur peeking out from under your shirt collar. Plus, you won’t look like you just spent three months in the backwoods.

Potentially Improve Athletic Performance

Are you a competitive swimmer or do you just like taking a few laps around the pool every now and then for exercise? Well, shaving off that body hair might prove extremely beneficial when it comes to your athletic performance in the pool.

A 1992 study conducted by the Human Performance Laboratory found that when a swimmer shaves his body hair it could increase their distance per stroke by as much a 5 percent.

This is why many swimmers will shave their body and heads. In addition to this, it could give you the psychological and physical edges that you need to surpass the competition.

 Reduces Body Odor

 Regardless of how much hair you have on your body, shaving it can improve your appearance and odor. If you have a problem with body odor, it very well could be related to your body hair.

While some men will ignore the thick mane on their back and chest, shaving it could be beneficial in more ways than one. Of course, it is time-consuming to shave body hair, but leaving it there will only alter your natural scent.

Today, there are broad ranges of clippers that will clean the hair off of your buttocks, neck, back, private parts and arms safely. These clippers will not only help make the shaving process easier but also speed it up.

Reduces Body Temperature

 That unruly mane on your back and chest is generating a lot of heat. While this may be suitable for the winter season, it will cause your body to heat up significantly during the summer season.

Shaving the hair will reduce your body temperature and make you feel more comfortable even in the hottest weather. Basic hair grooming tips every man should know will definitely include information about safely shaving body hair.

Some men will hesitate to shave their body hair because their partner finds it attractive. However, you should ask her if she would prefer you to be comfortable or sexy.

Your comfort should always come first and you are your own man, so if you believe getting rid of the hair on your body will help and then, by all means, do it.


 Why do you think professional bodybuilders keep their body hair-free? They actually do it because it shows the contours and definition of their muscles. Most of these professionals will also apply baby oil all over their body to accomplish the same thing.

Now, as you should know baby oil and body hair do not attract. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to remove the baby oil from your body, if it is covered with a thick mane.

Applying the body oil to smooth, hairless skin works much better and it is a lot easier to wash away.

If you want to impress a specific lady, you should definitely start by shaving your entire body. Doing so will not only show off your muscle definition but also attract more females.